Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved.

Microsoft Excel: Reports containing Calculation Groups and Calculated Measures with Hidden Measures failed

In Microsoft Excel, reports failed when they contained both a calculation group and calculated measure that contained a hidden measure. This issue has been resolved.


Excel: Level hierarchies with key columns >16 digits did not display properly

Excel reports did not properly display hierarchy levels that used Long values longer than 16 digits as their key columns. When these levels were expanded, Excel created new rows, rather than displaying the full levels. This issue has been resolved.


Excel: ParallelPeriod Produced Incorrect MTD Values on and After Leap Years

In Excel, MDX expressions that included the ParallelPeriod function produced incorrect MTD values on and after leap years. This issue has been resolved.


Microsoft Power BI Online Service: The Export Data option failed with Matrix Visual Reports

In Microsoft Power BI Online Service, using the Export Data option from a matrix virtual report failed when both of the following conditions were true:

  • The AtScale model used in the report contained a security dimension with a lookup rule of Use Filter Key.
  • The Power BI report was created with a connection that included daxdialect=tabular or daxdialect=superdaxmd.

This scenario also caused queries to fail in AtScale. This issue has been resolved.


Power BI: Reports containing measures with UTCNOW() failed

In Power BI, reports containing measures that used the UTCNOW() DAX function failed. This issue has been resolved.


Power BI: Incorrect outbound queries generated when Filtering by NULL and using SuperDAXMD

When connected to Power BI using SuperDAXMD, filtering reports by NULL values incorrectly yielded no results. This was caused by incorrect outbound queries being generated in AtScale. This issue has been resolved.


Power BI: Calculation Group Totals Did Not Display in Some Situations

In Microsoft Power BI, calculation group totals did not display in visualizations that had multiple measures selected and were filtered by a subset of the calculations. This issue has been resolved.


Power BI: Applying Multiple Degenerate Dimension Level Slicers Reset Other Slicers

In Power BI, applying multiple slicers based on degenerate dimension levels reset other slicers in the report to All. This occurred when all slicers involved were based on degenerate dimension levels. This issue has been resolved.