Settings for Enabling and Configuring Incremental Builds

Use these settings to turn on incremental builds, specify the maximum allowed duration of an incremental build per aggregate, and specify the maximum number of partitions per aggregate.

To access these settings:

Restriction: Your user ID must be a super user.

  1. Choose Settings from the main navigation, select Engine. Use your browser Find to search for each setting.


Set to True to use incremental builds for all of the aggregates for a cube when the fact dataset uses an incremental indicator. Full builds are still done for user-defined aggregates that are joins or unions of two or more fact tables.
Specify the maximum length of time to allow for an incremental build of an aggregate table.
Specify the maximum number of partitions to allow for each incrementally built aggregate. When this threshold is exceeded, the partitions are consolidated. Lower values relative to the default result in slower consolidations and faster queries. Higher values result in faster consolidation and slower queries.