Configuring Aggregate Maintenance

AtScale features a built-in job for maintaining the aggregates. It performs many tasks, like health check on all active aggregate instances, cleanup of orphaned or unreliable aggregates, and so on. This job should be run periodically to improve the performance of AtScale. Since its execution takes some resources, it is recommended to set it to be executed at times when it does not interfere with other business-related tasks.

Using the settings available in Design Center > Settings > Aggregates Schedule, you can manage the job in the following ways:

  • Start, stop, or pause the job execution.
  • Set the job to be run at a specific dates and times.
  • Run the job manually.

Before you begin

To work with maintenance schedules you need to log in with one of the following users:

  • Super user, or organization administrator.
  • User who has the following permissions: Login, View Aggregates, and Manage Aggregates.

This also applies to working with maintenance schedules via AtScale's API.

Common maintenance settings

By default, the aggregates maintenance job is enabled. In case there is a special reason to disable it, you can go to Design Center > Settings > Engine and set the custom aggregate.maintenance.enabled parameter to false.

When you need to pause the execution of the maintenance job you can turn on the aggregate.maintenance.byorganization.pausescheduledjobs parameter. This works for a specific Organization. Note that explicitly requested or event-triggered maintenance tasks are still executed. Cube-level overrides of this setting are not supported.

Changing these two parameters does not require restart of the AtScale engine.

Default schedule

By default, aggregate maintenance is scheduled for 04:00 UTC every day of the week. This schedule is applied in the following cases:

  • When performing a new installation of AtScale.
  • When performing upgrade from 2021.4.0 or earlier version of AtScale, in which aggregate maintenance was run at regular intervals (period-based mode).

Time-based maintenance

You can set the aggregates maintenance job to be executed at a specific dates and times in the following way:

  1. Choose the Schedule button to open the Aggregate Maintenance Schedule dialog.
  2. In the Add New Schedule section on the right, select the days and time when the job should start, and choose Add Schedule.
  3. Review the schedules in the section on the right; this is where you can delete those that are not needed.
  4. Close the dialog.

Running the job manually

In case you need to run the aggregate maintenance job manually, you can do this by choosing the Run Maintenance Job button. The execution would start immediately, unless a scheduled job is currently running.

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