Uninstall Stand-Alone AtScale

Follow these steps to uninstall AtScale if any of the following circumstances apply:

  1. Installation failed and you want to re-install AtScale.
  2. You simply want to redo an installation.
  3. You want to permanently remove AtScale.

Note: To perform a full reinstallation, you must uninstall and then run the installer again. You cannot simply rerun the installer.

Uninstall Stand-Alone AtScale

  1. Stop AtScale.

  2. Kill any lingering AtScale processes.

    kill -9 <procID>
  3. Remove the AtScale installer package from the package manager registry.

    1. List all installed AtScale installer packages.

      rpm -qa | grep atscale

      or if using Debian packages:

      dpkg-query -W | grep atscale
    2. Remove the installed AtScale installer package.

      rpm -e <atscale_installer_package>

      or if using Debian packages:

      dpkg -P <atscale_installer_package>
  4. Remove all files from the installation directory.

    Note: The following command removes everything from the AtScale installation directory, including data and configuration files. If you wish to preserve those, then back them up or move them to another location before running the command.

    rm -rf /opt/atscale/*
  5. If desired you may now re-install AtScale.