InterSystems IRIS: Customer-Managed UDAF Installation

When setting up an InterSystems IRIS Data Warehouse, you must choose "Customer Managed" as the Custom Function Installation Mode during the InterSystems IRIS data warehouse configuration, and you must manually install the AtScale UDAFs.

Choosing "Customer Managed" gives the responsibility of installing and upgrading the AtScale UDAFs to the InterSystems IRIS administrator.

The following instructions explain how a InterSystems IRIS administrator can install or upgrade AtScale UDAFs on a InterSystems IRIS system.

InterSystems IRIS: Download the Binaries

Follow this link to download the AtScaleUDAF.xml file for your InterSystems IRIS Data Warehouse. The link is to the InterSystems WRC software download area, and will require a login.

The following instructions use a schema ATSCALEUDAF. Modify the commands for your specific schema.

InterSystems IRIS: UDAF Installation

  1. Copy the .xml files to your InterSystems IRIS server (For example, in /tmp)

  2. From the IRIS terminal, run the following command to load the functions:

    do $system.OBJ.Load("/path/to/AtScaleUDAF.xml","c")
  3. If the installation was successful, the following command should return a valid version string:

  4. Set the InterSystems IRIS Data Warehouse Custom Function Installation Mode to "Customer Managed" when configuring the InterSystems IRIS data warehouse connection. See Adding InterSystems IRIS Data Warehouses for additional steps.

  5. When adding an InterSystems IRIS Data Warehouse from the Design Center, set the UDAF schema to ATSCALEUDAF.