Alation connector

Using the Alation connector you can extract data about projects and data models from AtScale, an upload and use this data in the Alation data catalog.



First, do the following on the development system:

  1. Clone the AtScale Alation Connector repository.
  2. Follow the steps in the README file to build the connector package.

Then, do the following in Alation:

  1. Choose Install New Connector in Admin Settings.

  2. Select the connector package you built.

  3. In the connector settings, enter the following:

    • Design Center Host Name and API Host Name: the host name you copied from AtScale
    • Design Center Port: 10500
    • API Port: 10502
  4. Save your changes.

  5. Start the connector.

  6. Run the extraction:

    1. Select projects to include for extraction.
    2. Enable automated extraction.