Changing maximum header length

There are cases where you might not be able to complete certain actions in the Design Center, and observe error messages about inability to obtain the engine status. You could solve this by changing a parameter that affects the connection between the Design Center and the AtScale Engine.


One of the cases where the issue could occur is having many organizations, and a user who is added as Organization Admin to 11 or more organizations. Such a user might not be able to log in to the Design Center, and could observe the following alert message: Unable to obtain engine status, your AtScale engine is probably down.


  1. Open the /opt/atscale/current/conf/engine/cluster.conf file with a text editor.

  2. Locate the services.http.akka.http.parsing.max-header-value-length parameter, and increase its value.

    The default value is 8k. You can increase it to 16k, 24k, or 32k.

  3. Save your changes.

  4. Go to Design Center > Settings, and restart the Atscale Engine service.

More information

If changing the parameter does not solve the issue, you can contact AtScale Support by opening a case through the AtScale Customer Support Portal.