Open the Dimension Editor

When working on a cube model, you can double-click on any dimension to open it in the dimension editor. The dimension editor is where you to work on the hierarchies, levels, secondary attributes, and snowflake dimension relationships of a particular dimension.


  1. Double-click on the header of a dimension on the cube canvas or in the Dimensions panel.

  2. This opens the dimension editor:

    • The dataset that the dimension is based on shows in the center of the dimension editor canvas.
    • For dimensions that originate from the fact dataset (degenerate dimensions), you will see the fact dataset repeated here.
    • For snowflake dimensions, you may see multiple datasets or dimensions on the canvas.
  3. Use the Hierarchies panel to edit the hierarchies, levels, and secondary attributes of the dimension.

  4. Click the cube name to return to the main cube canvas.