Granting Runtime Permissions on Perspectives

You must grant runtime permissions to the users and groups that you want to be able to query published versions of a perspective. Users can query perspectives, as they can query cubes, with client BI software, such as Tableau Desktop and Microsoft Excel.

Before you begin

You must be either an administrator for your AtScale organization or a super user to set runtime permissions on perspectives.


  1. Open the overview page for the project in which the perspective is located; for details, see Managing Projects.

  2. In the Cubes section, find the name of the base cube for the perspective and then look under that for the name of the perspective.

  3. Click the "gear" icon next to the name of the perspective and click Security. The Perspective Permissions dialog opens. By default, all of the groups and users in your AtScale organization are granted the runtime permissions on the perspective.

  4. Revoke permissions from users and groups, and then choose Save.

    The changes would be applied after the project is re-published.

More information

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