Deleting Perspectives

If you no longer need a perspective, you can delete it from its cube.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have either the right permission or authority. To delete a perspective from a cube, you must have the Update permission on the cube, be an administrator for your AtScale organization, or be a super user.
  • Open the cube that you want to delete a perspective from.

About this task

You cannot restore a perspective that has been deleted unless a snapshot of your project contains the perspective.

Deleting a perspective does not free storage in your data warehouse because perspectives contain no data that is separate from the data of their base cubes.


  1. Open the Perspectives panel by clicking the "3-D glasses" icon on the toolbar.
  2. Select the perspective that you want to delete and then click the "trashcan" icon at the top of the panel.


The perspective is deleted and removed from the list of perspectives on the panel.

What to do next

Deleting a perspective does not delete any published versions of the perspective. To render those published versions unusable, you must republish the project that the perspective was located in. By republishing the project after deleting the perspective, you remove the definition of the perspective from the AtScale engine.

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