Remapping Data Sources

The datasets used in a cube are from a data warehouse to which AtScale is connected. After a cube is created you could configure connections to other warehouses that contain the same datasets. Then you can set the cube to use a warehouse that is different than the original one.

About this task

The following examples show when you might need to choose a different data source:

  • You have made a copy of your data in a new data warehouse, and you want to change an existing project to refer to it.
  • You want to test an existing AtScale project with a different data warehouse configuration, for example with different credentials. You can do this by configuring a new data warehouse, duplicating the project, and then remapping the data sources.
  • You have imported a project (XML file) that was exported from a different AtScale system. Now you need to set which of the Data Warehouses configured on the current AtScale system should be used.


  1. Make sure the data warehouse which you want to use is configured properly. For details, see Adding Data Warehouses.
  2. In the Data Sources panel, choose the menu icon and select remap data Sources.
  3. In Available Data Sources, select the data warehouse that should be used.
  4. Save your changes.

More information

Consider that the project modeling activities within the Design Center - for example, data preview features - will be performed immediately against the new data warehouse. On the other hand, the query engine would start using the remapped project after it is published.