What is Composer?

AtScale Composer is a special view of a dataset. Using Composer, a cube modeler can examine a dataset in depth, viewing the data and working with columns. You can easily transform columns (including text columns) from one data type to another, and values from one form to another.

Often, fact tables in a model do not contain values in a format that business users need. In these cases, cube modelers need a way to transform existing values in the fact tables into more consumable values for business analysis. For example, you can transform a Date column of type String to Date or DateTime to facilitate analysis.

Composer provides a direct and guided approach to transforming columnar data. Composer also supports regular expression (regex) extract and replace functions to help parse and process field values.

Transformations and date/time formats

The transformation options available depend on the data warehouse and supported SQL engines. In general, they include:

Original Data Type (down)/Desired Data Type (across)BooleanIntStringFloatDateDateTime
IntX XXX (if UNIX timestamp)X (if UNIX timestamp)
StringXX XXX
Float XX   
Date*  X  X
DateTime*  X X 

The available date and time formats also depend on the data warehouse and supported SQL engines.

Date FormatMeaningExample
YYYYFour-digit year1999
YYTwo-digit year25
M or MMMonth number (two digits)12
MMMMonth (abbreviation)Feb
MMMMMonth nameFebruary
WWeek of year52
D or DDTwo-digit day of month28
ddddDay nameSunday
H or HH24-hour clock (two digits)22
h or hh12-hour clock (two digits)7
m or mmMinutes (two digits)31
s or ssSeconds (two digits)29