Configure Join Behavior on a Dimension

You can configure a dimension hierarchy to specify the default matching and filtering behavior used by the AtScale query engine.

About this task

You can configure a dimension hierarchy to specify which dimension members to include in query results by default - only those that match to rows in the fact (inner join behavior) or all dimension members (outer join behavior).

The default behavior is to only include members that exist in both tables (inner join behavior). Changing this default behavior is not recommended on large dimensions, as this can result in longer running queries and bigger result sets.

Some BI clients allow users to specify the desired behavior on the client side. You can choose whether AtScale should allow client overrides or to enforce the settings configured in AtScale.

Note: If a dimension has multiple hierarchies that share a common key level, you should configure the same behavior on all hierarchies in the dimension.


  1. Open the project in AtScale Design Center, and open the cube design canvas.
  2. Open the dimension editor canvas for the dimension you want to configure.
  3. Double-click a hierarchy in the Hierarchies panel to edit it.
  4. Choose the desired behavior for Exclude Values with no Fact Data. Yes (the default) will only include members that join to the fact dataset (inner join behavior). No will include all members of the dimension, even those that have no matching entries in the fact dataset (outer join behavior).