Similar to the ALL(<Table>) DAX function, this function evaluates a given tupleExpression as if all other cube hierarchy references explicitly reference the hierarchy's ALL member.



Input Parameters


Required. The tuple expression to evaluate. This can be in any supported tuple syntax, including:

  • Canonical static tuple syntax, including key and name member references.
  • Canonical dynamic tuple syntax that uses currentMember.
  • Dimensionally-modified tuple syntax, such as currentMember.lag(), currentMember.parent().
  • A measure reference. In this case, all other dimension hierarchies are implicitly set to the ALL member.


Expands the given tuple to explicitly set the ALL member for every cube dimension. This prevents BI tool users from influencing the tuple expression result by grouping or filtering on other dimension hierarchies.

ALLMEMBER((Mydim.MyHierrchy.currentMember.lag(1), Measures.[salesAmount]))