Model Additional Hierarchies

Some dimensions may have multiple hierarchies. For example, a date dimension might have one hierarchy for calendar date and one hierarchy for fiscal date. You can add additional hierarchies to a dimension after it is created.

About this task

In most cases, dimensions that have multiple hierarchies share the same key level. For example, if the most granular level of date is day, then that should be a shared level for all hierarchies in the date dimension. You can duplicate a level to a second hierarchy after it is created.


To model additional hierarchies:

  1. Open the dimension editor canvas.
  2. Click the plus icon in the Hierarchies panel.
  3. Enter the Name for the new hierarchy and choose the other properties to define a placeholder key level.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Select the key level from the first hierarchy.
  6. Click the duplicate icon.
  7. Notice that the key level has been added to the second hierarchy.
  8. Select the placeholder key level in the second hierarchy.
  9. Click the delete icon.
  10. Edit and rename the duplicated key level's caption name. You should not change the query name.