Edit the Dimension Name

When you first create a dimension, you assign it a logical name or caption. This name is propagated to the initial hierarchy and key level that is created for the dimension, as well as to the dimension label used on the cube canvas. You can edit the dimension's canvas name, hierarchy name, and key level name separately after the dimension is created.

Edit the Dimension Name that Cube Designers See

Note: The cube canvas name is only visible to cube designers. Cube users only see the hierarchy, level attribute, and secondary attribute names.

  1. Open the main cube canvas.
  2. Locate the dimension you want to rename and click its Properties menu.
  3. Change the Name and click Save.

Edit the Dimension Name that Cube Users See

Cube users see the hierarchy name as the dimension name. You can edit a hierarchy, level, or secondary attribute in a dimension to change the names that cube users see.