Edit a Hierarchy

Once a dimension is created, you can always edit the hierarchy to change its name or other properties. Double-click the hierarchy name to open the edit dialog.


To edit a hierarchy:

  1. Open the dimension editor canvas.

  2. Double-click the hierarchy name in the Hierarchies panel.

  3. Edit the hierarchy properties as needed.

    NameThe user-friendly label name for the hierarchy. This is the dimension name that BI users will see in the client tools.
    Query NameThe dimension name in the published AtScale cube. The query name is how the AtScale engine refers to this dimension hierarchy internally. This should not be changed after the cube is published, as changing the query name may break existing data sources and reports that rely on this cube.
    Exclude Values With No Fact DataThis controls the results to return when this dimension is used in a query. See Configure Join Behavior on a Dimension.
    VisibleThis controls whether or not the dimension is shown as a selectable item in the cube. You may want to mark a hierarchy as not visible if it is used as a bridge dimension to resolve a many-to-many relationship.
    FolderFolders allow you to organize dimensions into categories so they are easier to find in cubes with lots of dimensions.
  4. Click Save.