Duplicate a Cube in a Project

If you have update permission on the project and read permission on a cube, you can make a copy of an existing cube in a project. This allows you to create new cubes using existing work as a starting point.

Important: This functionality is currently disabled. As a workaround, you can use the Duplicate feature at the project level.

Before you begin

Your user ID must have Read permission on the cube and Update permission on the project.


  1. Open the project to view the project overview page.

  2. From the Overview page, find the cube in the Cubes list, and click the Duplicate icon beside its name.

  3. Give the new cube a unique name.

  4. To set the security policy for the duplicate cube:

    • Select Copy Security to copy design-time and runtime security permissions to the new copy of the cube.
    • Deselect Copy Security to set a custom security policy for the duplicate cube.
  5. Click Copy Cube.