Creating Projects

A project is a container for one or more AtScale logical cubes, plus the datasets the cubes are based on.

Projects allow you to share datasets and dimensions between a collection of similar cubes. For example, you may want to create a different cube for your marketing and product teams based on the same clickstream data. The project contains the physical datasets and logical dimensions that can be shared between the different cubes in the project.

To make a project available to BI client tools, you must publish it. To the BI client tools that connect to AtScale, a published project looks like a database and a published cube looks like a table in a database.

Viewing Projects

You have many options for creating project with cubes in AtScale. After you create one or more projects, they appear on the Cubes tab in the left-hand Projects pane. Click Projects at the top to display the pane. From there, you can click + New Project on the right to create another project.

If you are working in the Design Center and want to view projects, click the Projects tab at the far left.

Creating Cubes

Most projects will have just one cube. In fact, when you create a new project in AtScale, it contains one default cube with the same name as the project. You can add a cube to a project when the project is in a draft state (not yet published).

To add a new cube to a draft project:

  1. On the Projects pane at the left of the Projects tab, select the draft project.
  2. Click + New Cube.
  3. In the Add New Cube dialog box, enter the cube name and an optional description and specify whether to allow access to all users.
  4. Click Add Cube, and the new cube will appear under the project.

Options for Creating Projects