About Folders

When you have many projects you can organize them in folders.

Folder features

The folders are displayed and managed in the left part of the Projects screen. They are mostly the same as folders in a file system:

  • You can create, move, rename, and delete folders.
  • You can add projects to them as needed.
  • You can nest them; a folder can contain both projects and folders.

Managing folders

You can create a folder in one of the following ways:

  • In the left part of the screen, open the menu next to the search field and choose New Folder.
  • To create a sub-folder, open the menu on the right of the parent folder, and choose New Folder.

You can use drag-and-drop in the left part of the screen to move projects and folders:

  • Move a project (or folder) to a selected parent folder.
  • Move a folder within folder.
  • To move a project (or folder) outside its parent folder, drag it and drop it below the folders.

To rename or delete a folder:

  • Open the menu on the right of this folder, and choose the corresponding option.
  • Note that when a folder contains projects, on deleting this folder its projects would preserved. They would simply be displayed as not belonging to any folder.

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