Publishing a Workbook to Tableau Server

You can publish a workbook to Tableau Server that other users can view by logging into Tableau Server and opening the workbook in their browser. If the users in your AtScale organization are managed through Microsoft Active Directory, you can restrict viewing permissions to other AtScale users.


In case you want to use Tableau Cloud for sharing workbooks, see Using Tableau Cloud.



For example, suppose you have a user ID in the AtScale organization default. Your user ID is assigned the role of "Runtime User", which means that you can connect to and view published AtScale cubes. After creating a workbook that is based on a cube, you decide to publish the workbook on Tableau Server and make the workbook viewable by several other users in the default AtScale organization. These other users also need to have permission in AtScale to connect to and view published AtScale cubes.

When you publish the workbook to Tableau Server, you can assign the Viewer role to another user who has runtime permissions in AtScale on the cube that the workbook is based on; for details, see Set Permissions as You Publish a Data Source or Workbook in the Tableau help. Suppose you assign this role to the user ID view_too. When the user with that user ID logs into Tableau Server, that user will be able to view your workbook in a browser.