Known Issues and Limitations when Using Looker with AtScale

When using Looker with AtScale please be aware of the following known issues and limitations.

Note: When modeling Date Hierarchy Levels in AtScale, consider that setting Name column bindings to a String column type is not compatible with Looker. To be compatible with Looker's date capabilities, these Name column bindings must reference a date-like database column such as: Date, DateTime, or Timestamp.

Looker Time-based Filtering is not Supported for: DB2, SQL Server

AtScale does not support Looker date filtering queries when connected to: DB2, SQL Server.


Using "Subtotal" in Looker

The Subtotal feature in Looker is supported only when AtScale is configured to use Google BigQuery as the data warehouse. Using this feature with other data warehouses is not supported yet.


Using Special Characters in an AtScale Role-Playing Prefix such as "." Causes Invalid LookML Generation

AtScale will generate invalid, duplicate dimension definitions in LookML if the AtScale Role-Playing configuration contains special characters such as ".". To avoid this problem, AtScale suggests avoiding the use of non-alphanumeric characters in AtScale Role Playing configurations.


Display name and query name should be the same

If the cube name is different than the cube query name, AtScale will show an error while trying to download the LookML files.

To expose an AtScale cube to Looker, the Cube's display name and query name must have the same value. You can do this by turning on the "Also rename the cube query name" checkbox while renaming the cube.


Google BigQuery DateTime columns not supported

AtScale does not support the use of Google BigQuery DateTime column types with Looker. When modeling Date and Time attributes, only Google BigQuery Date and time zone-aware Timestamp types are supported.


Time zone conversion operations

Time zone conversion operations used in conjunction with relative date filters ("Last n Days") are supported as of AtScale I2023.4.1.


PostgresSQL authentication methods

AtScale does not support PostgresSQL authentication methods other than Basic. It is strongly recommended that production deployments configure AtScale with TLS to prevent the transfer of unencrypted credentials over the internet.

PostgresSQL-specific URL endpoints

AtScale Design Center does not display PostgresSQL-specific URL endpoints.


Multi-organization installations

PostgresSQL connections to multi-organization AtScale installations are not supported.


Connecting to HA AtScale

You may encounter issues when connecting to the pgwire endpoint from HA AtScale configurations, which may require additional configuration to resolve. If this occurs, contact AtScale Support.



AtScale does not currently support impersonation with PostgresSQL.

Missing dates

AtScale does not support Looker's Fill in Missing Dates functionality for Timestamp or DateTime types. If you need to fill in missing timestamp values, you can disable Exclude Values with no Fact Data for the date hierarchy within AtScale. For more information, see Edit a Hierarchy.

Filtering by calculated measures

Filtering by calculated measures created in AtScale is not supported with PostgresSQL.


Latitude and Longitude semantic types

AtScale does not currently support Latitude and Longitude semantic types. If you want to render latitude and longitude data with Looker visualizations, you must manually edit the AtScale generated LookML to change the Looker types from numeric types to sql_latitude and sql_longitude.