Using AtScale with Logi Report

You can connect from Logi Report to a published AtScale cube using the Hive connection.

Before you begin

  • Make sure you are familiar with the standard procedure for creating JDBC connections. For details, check the documentation for the corresponding version of Logi Report Designer
  • Make sure that all libraries required for Hive connection are referenced correctly.
  • Make sure the AtScale project containing the cube to which you want to connect is published.
  • In AtScale, go to the corresponding published cube, and copy the JDBC connection information available in the Connect tab.
  • Make sure the Logi system can connect through the network to the AtScale system (the host obtained in the previous step).


Perform the following steps in Logi Report:

  1. Create a new data source and select connection type Hive.

  2. In the connection window, fill in the required details:

    • Driver: the name of the Hive Driver
    • URL: the URL of the published cube
    • User: use the AtScale user
    • Password: use the AtScale password
  3. Choose More Options, and for the Name Pattern option select 2-Part Names.

  4. Test the connection, and if successful save it.

  5. Go to the properties of the connection you created, and set the Push Down Group Query property to true.

    This property will be applied automatically to Web reports. If a page report is created it should be adjusted in the same way - by setting its Push Down Group Query property to true.

What to do next

Build your report in Logi Report Designer. For details, check the documentation.