Obtaining a Temporary Session Password When Using Google G Suite Directory

Many client BI applications, such as Tableau and Microsoft Excel, do not support the authentication method for Google G Suite Directory. Therefore, if AtScale is configured to manage users through Google G Suite Directory, you must obtain a temporary session password to use when logging into AtScale from a client BI application.

About this task

You can obtain a temporary session password from your user-account page in the AtScale Design Center. Each password authorizes a single two-hour session.


  1. Log into AtScale by using your Google credentials.
  2. Click on your user profile icon and select Profile.
  3. On your user-account page, look for the heading Temporary Session Password. Copy the password to your system clipboard.
  4. Log into AtScale via your client BI application, using your Google account ID (Gmail address) for your user ID and the temporary session password.