Configure an ODBC DSN on Windows Clients

A DSN (data source name) specifies the connection information used by an ODBC driver to connect to a data source. Some BI applications require that you create a DSN ahead of time, and some do not.

About this task

You do not need to create a DSN if using Tableau. AtScale generates a tds (Tableau data source) file for every published cube, which contains the necessary connection information.

Before you begin

Before you do this task:

Installing the Hive ODBC Driver on Windows Clients


  1. Open the 64-bit ODBC Administrator or 32-bit ODBC Administrator application (depending on the bitness of the ODBC driver you have installed).

  2. Go to the User DSN or System DSN tab and click Add.

  3. Choose the ODBC Driver for Apache Hive as the driver.

  4. Enter the connection information for the AtScale Engine:

    1. Enter the IP or hostname of the AtScale server machine.
    2. Enter the engine port number. If you're not sure of the port, you can find it in the AtScale Design Center application under Settings > Engine. The default port is usually 11111.
    3. Choose Hive Server 2 as the type of server you are connecting to.
    4. Choose User Name and Password as the authentication mechanism.
    5. Enter your AtScale user login credentials.
    6. Test the connection, and if it works then click OK.